Make Art Not Fear


Make Art Not Fear, from Ramaldar Productions is a Festival that takes place in Porto, Portugal several times in a year. We make the Festival when we have films good enough to compete in a 3-days Festival.


We seek variety, liberty, new ways of expression to get a fearless art. No matter categories, styles, ficion or reality, the focus is what filming brings to the viewers.


We publish interviews made to the filmakers that participate in the Festival to get a stronger conection between the Festival and the Filmaker.


1. All film submissions should be made digitally.
2. All photos provided must be clearly identified. Photos may be used for any festival promotions.
3. Films may have been broadcast on Television, Cable or have had an international theatrical release prior to Make Art Not Fear.
4. Non-English language produced films must have English subtitles or be dubbed in English.
5. All entrants certify that they have been given full rights to use any and all music in their films.
6. Film Producers are responsible for insurance to MANF.
7.The title of the work and name of entrant must be on all mailing containers, labels, can reels and film leaders.
8. Selected film will take place in a Festival and the results will be public in our website.
8. Filmmakers or screenwriters accepted and are attending the festival are responsible for travel, lodging, and all other expenses.
9. Film prints and other film material will be handled with utmost care. However, neither the MANF staff nor supporting theatre organisations staff can assume responsibility for damage or loss of the print and other film materials.

11. All stated information, eligibility and submission guidelines, terms and conditions of entry, and entry information is subject to change by the organization of the Festival, Ramaldar Productions, without notice.

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